• Eubiq system

    Add , active, remove.
    Discover how you can “move” the electric power points, thanks to Eubiq system!

  • E-Tuscan

    E-Tuscan, the practical electrified totem with a collection cables system

  • When you need it, where you need: Eubiq!

    A simple and safe method for having a handly power plug for all your devices.

  • VSF1: speedly and ease installation

    VSF1, the desks electrified profile: easy to install, speedly to cable.


Inside can be combined with wood, glass, plaster, marble and more panels!


Our kits can be integrated into plasterboard profile thanks to the specific spring.


Discover the new lamp E-Lumina, perfect for illuminating desks and platforms.

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Why use the Eubiq system?

  • Revolutionary

    Revolutionary: The GSS System™ is an innovative patent that allows you to easily remove, place and add to taste the power adapters with.

  • Revolutionary

    Flexible: add, remove and replace power outlets wherever you want along the Power Track through three small gestures

  • Revolutionary

    Versatile: For every application, from new construction to renovation, from offices to hospitals, laboratories and more

  • Safe

    Safe: the insertion of the adapter directly “grounded earth contact” avoid any risk of receiving a “shock” electric.

  • Premium Finishing

    Quality: All the Eubiq products are designed and manufactured with high quality materials, according to the best Italian industrial tradition.

  • Rapidità di installazione

    Easily installation: compared to traditional systems, Eubiq reduces installation time by 70%